Free Printable Emoji Game

The Emoji Game

Today I’m sharing a free printable Emoji Game to help you celebrate World Emoji Day tomorrow. Despite the fact I’ve seen tons of emoji notices on social media and in the news today, the official holiday is not until July 17.

How do I know? Because July 17 is the day displayed on the calendar emoji (check it out for yourself: ?). But, whether you play it today, tomorrow, or any other day of the year, this game is loads of fun.

The Emoji Game

We played a similar game – Family Fued style – at the Called to Teach convention that Texas Home School Coalition hosted earlier this summer. Just use the emoji clues to decipher the lines from popular children’s songs and nursery rhymes.

Set a timer and see who in your family can finish it first. You’ll find the answer key on page 2 of the PDF (no fair peeking early!).

We hope our free printable emoji game will help you have a happy and memorable Emoji Day! Want more free resources for observing special holidays and quirky celebrations? We’ve got you covered: Monthly Holidays & Quirky Celebrations

And to keep the fun going through every season of life, check out our family fun bundle. It’s packed with practical ways to nurture family relationships and make the most of daily interactions all year long.

Family Fun Bundle

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