UGears Knight on Horseback (Timberdoodle)

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted any Timberdoodle product reviews. But as Christmas approaches, I’ve been browsing Timberdoodle’s website in search of fun, new gift ideas.

UGears 4Kids Knight on Horseback

This little U-Gears Knight on Horseback definitely fits the bill. It’s new to the Timberdoodle catalog. So they sent me a free kit. That way, one of my children could be a guinea pig and try it out first.

a great stocking stuffer

Our experience with U-Gears kits

My son Gabriel completed this model over the weekend. It’s small size and tiny price make it a great stocking stuffer for creative kids like mine.

UGears Knight craft kit

The pieces are cut from a sturdy wood and fit together like a puzzle. Just follow the easy-to-understand directions provided.

easy to follow instructions

To build the UGears Knight on Horseback, carefully punch the pieces out of their wooden frame. You can leave your model unfinished or color it in with paint, pencils, or markers.

Paint first, assemble later

The instructions indicate it should be assembled before painting, but kids will find it much easier to add color before fitting the pieces together.

UGears Knight of Horseback

The coloring supplies are not included, so you’ll need to purchase those separately or use something you already have on hand.

paint not included

We’re a crafty family, so that didn’t pose a problem for us.

markers work well, too

My son used a combination of gel pens and paint, with favorable results, although fine-tipped markers or colored pencils will also work.

UGears Knight

The gel pens and colored pencils allow a little finer detail than does the paint, as you can see on the shield. But painting is such fun that my son chose that medium for the horse.

Knight on horseback

Either way, this UGears Knight on Horseback was a fun, relatively quick project. If you’re looking for creative, screen free activities for the kids in your life, spend some time browsing Timberdoodle’s website. You’re sure to find something to suit every child on your list.

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