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Mailbag Monday: A Book for Husbands?

Mailbag Mondays - Our answers to readers' questions

Hi, Jennifer.

I sent your 25 Ways to Communicate Respect to Your Husband to a friend of mine, and now her husband asks if there are also 25 Ways to Communicate Respect to your Wife or something similar.


25 Ways to Show Love to Your Wife -- must reading for any husband looking to improve his marriage.Hi, Jenny.

Why, yes, there is. Thank you for asking! I am delighted to report that my husband’s new book, 25 Ways to Show Love to Your Wife, was released just this weekend.

It is chock-full of Biblical advice and tried-and-true suggestions for giving a wife not only the respect she deserves, but the love she craves. Every chapter ends with a bulleted list of action points for applying the principles taught to your own marriage.

Having been married to the author for 27 years, I can attest that what he’s written works. If a husband will faithfully and consistently put these ideas into practice, his wife will never have cause to doubt his love.

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