Large Family Logistics (& More Feb. Reads)

This Changes Everything (and Other Feb. Reads)

We finished four books in the month of February: Large Family Logistics (my favorite) and three others. Read on for our impression of each.

4 books I read in February

Two and Two are Four by Carolyn Haywood

Two and Two are Four

My two middle girls took turns reading Two and Two are Four aloud to me and their younger siblings last month.

It is a fun, light-hearted tale of two sets of siblings who get into all sorts of mischief without really meaning to.

Like the time they go “bear hunting” and bring home a skunk instead.

Or when one slides down a newly painted banister before the varnish is dry.

Each adventure is funny and enjoyable and gives them all new opportunities to learn from their mistakes.

It makes a great read-aloud for a family, regardless who does the actual reading.

STORY by Robert McKee

StoryYou might expect that a 480-page book would include some extraneous material, but my husband assures me this one doesn’t.

Every paragraph of STORY is packed with invaluable advice intended for screenwriters, but profitable for writers of any genre.

Students of the author, Robert McKee, have gone on to write, direct, and produce some of the most popular and critically acclaimed films of all time.

Doug originally bought the Kindle version and read the entire thing on his iPhone.

Then he immediately bought a hard copy and began reading it through a second time, only this time he is taking notes and memorizing the best parts. Which may take a while since, as I mentioned before, he thinks all 480 pages are equally superb.

Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman

Large Family LogisticsThis book was a lot bigger than I was expecting. Subtitled “The Art and Science of Managing a Large Family,” it is chock full of practical wisdom for managing a large family.

Even when things at our house are all running smoothly, I enjoy reading this sort of thing. When things aren’t running smoothly, I especially enjoy it.

The chapters are succinct and their titles self-explanatory, so I suppose it would be possible to use the table of contents as an index and just look up Kim’s suggestions for problem areas. But if you are anything like me, you will want to read the book straight through, cover to cover.

Of special note is Kim’s appendix on coping with exhaustion. There you’ll find tips any mother can use, whether she has two kids or twenty!

Absolutely Organized

Absolutely OrganizedThinking about spring cleaning? Debbie Lillard’s “Guide to a No-Stress Schedule and Clutter-Free Home” is a great starting place for anyone desiring a more orderly life and home.

From scheduling babies to storing beach balls to sanitizing bathrooms, this short book covers all the bases.

It contains plenty of photos, charts, and diagrams, which make it fun to read, easy to understand, and simple to implement….

Do you love to read as much as we do? I’ve gathered all my best resources for bibliophiles into this post, or you can read more of my book reviews by following this link

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