Dealing with Morning Sickness

Morning SicknessDear Jennifer,

     How do you deal with morning sickness, nausea and fatigue during your pregancies? I am 9 wks. along and need a nap at least twice a day…and the nausea robs me of motivation to work on other things (which is unlike me).

Mother of Five

Dear Mother,

     I’ve never had very bad morning sickness with any of my pregnancies — just a slight queasiness in the pit of my stomach that lasts most of the day but seldom makes me throw up — but I do usually battle tremendous fatigue, where I can barely keep my eyes open in the early afternoon. It is especially difficult to read to the kids or drive a car for more than 15-20 minutes at a time.

I’m happy to say I did not experience either of those symptoms during my 11th pregnancy. I happened to be taking Tummy Tuneup and SuperMom vitamins when I got pregnant and continued that regimen throughout.

Super Mom Vitamins

I didn’t really make a connection between those supplements and my lack of nausea/fatigue until I read testimonials toward the end of my 2nd trimester from other moms who had noticed the same effect during their pregnancies. If you’re dealing with morning sickness, give these supplements a try and see if they help you, too.

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