Super-Easy Storage Boxes

Want to whip your shelves into shape instantly and inexpensively? Bringing order to chaotic cabinets and closets is a snap with our super-easy storage boxes. You will want to choose uniformly-sized boxes appropriate to your storage purposes. I use large copy paper boxes for sorting hand-me-downs in the top of the children’s closets, medium-sized diaper boxes for organizing our office supply cabinet, and smaller shoeboxes for stashing paint and craft supplies.

Supplies You Will Need to Complete This Craft:

  • cardboard boxes in desired sizes
  • a roll of self-stick contact paper in a pattern you like
  • index cards and a roll of double sided tape (or self-stick labels)
  • a strong pair of scissors
  • a permanent marker for labeling contents
  • hand-tearable clear packing tape (optional)

Do It Yourself By Following These Simple Steps:

Trim the top flaps off the box, being careful to make edges straight and smooth. Reinforce bottom of box with clear packing tape as needed, especially if you plan to store anything heavy in the box.

Cut a piece of contact paper large enough to cover the side of the box that will face forward. Don’t worry about covering the parts of the box that will not show when it sits on the shelf. Your contact paper will last much longer that way.

Peel the backing off the contact paper and smooth it into place, cutting the overlap at the corners before folding it inward.

Affix label to the front of your box and mark its contents. You may either use a self-stick mailing label, or cut an index card to size and tape it on. Write in large letters.

Enjoy the finished results! I use this method to organize lots of different things. It is always pleasant to open a cupboard full of uniform, well-labeled boxes. Let your children make some to use in their closets, too! They’ll be more motivated to keep their things tidy if they have a hand in organizing them in the first place.

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  1. Sherry says:

    LOVE, love, love, your ideas! Especially loved seeing a tire swing design, as I have been looking for a good one for weeks!:-) Love the creativity– waking up good ideas in me.. THANK YOU:-)!

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