Free Printable Debate Night Bingo Cards

Trump and Biden are squaring off tonight for the first time this election season. Is anybody else looking forward to watching? To make viewing the upcoming presidential debates a little more fun and interesting, I whipped up some free printable Debate Night Bingo Cards just for the occasion — something my husband called home this afternoon and suggested I do!

I thought that was a fantastic idea, so I tried to fill these cards with as many talking points, buzzwords, and soundbites I could find from speeches #45 and #46 have made in the past. You’ll have to listen closely if you hope to hear them say any/all of these phrases tonight, so you better not leave the room except during commercial breaks.

Debate Night Bingo - Biden

Of course, winning the debate and winning the election are two different things. And winning Debate Night Bingo is even further removed than that. But it’s a contest nonetheless! If you watch the debate with family or friends, you can split into teams to keep track. If you’re watching alone, try switching cards whenever the moderators switch speakers.

Debate Night Bingo - Trump

Either way — whether you’re Team Trump or Team Biden — here’s hoping the best man wins! And, if you’re a history buff (or a school teacher) like I am, check out my digital print pack of Presidential Quotes: In Their Own Words. This collection includes a famous quote from each of our past Commanders-in-Chief, featured on prominently on a coloring page with the president’s name, years in office, number, and signature.

In Their Own Words

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