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Tired of eating your meals in silence? Sick of watching your family members eat with their eyes glued to their digital devices? Use these conversation starters and discussion prompts to connect with one another around the dinner table, on car rides, over breakfast, at bedtime, or whenever else you want to talk but don’t know where to begin.

NOTE: This listing is for the digital files only (PDF format). If you would prefer to read the print version, follow this link to purchase a paperback copy through Amazon.

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If you’re longing for a way to draw your family together and make your mealtimes more interactive, I can think of no better way than asking open-ended questions — like the ones you’ll find in Table Talk — and giving everyone the opportunity to reply.

As a homeschool mom, I am with most of my children 24/7. So the classic opener “tell me about your day” doesn’t usually work for us. But the conversation starters listed in the chapters of this book have really done the trick. We use them whether we are at home by ourselves or dining with friends and extended family.

Bonus: With your copy of the eBook, you’ll also get a complete set of our printable discussion prompts (same questions, different format). We print ours on card stock, cut them apart, and them in a mason jar on our dining table ready to be drawn at random whenever conversation starts to lag.

Product Details

Title: Table Talk – 365 Dinnertime Discussion Starters for Families
Author: Jennifer Flanders
Publisher: Prescott Publishing
Pages: 75
Publication Date: January 2021
ISBN: 978-1938945441
Format: eBook (PDF files)

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