Sit Down & Eat eBook


Sit Down & Eat is full of hearty ideas, nurturing traditions, and scrumptious recipes that will motivate you to make the most of your family mealtimes.

Does your family’s schedule take you in separate directions every night?
Are you eating fast food far more frequently than you care to admit?
Have mealtimes become a mad dash to grab what you can on the go?

Then you need to take a little time to SIT DOWN & EAT!

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Sit Down & Eat is full of fun ideas for making mealtime memorable. Get it. Read it. Try it out for yourself. These practical tips will help your family make the most of the time you spend working in the kitchen and gathering around the table.

Interestingly, two things that have been linked to success later in life are childhood chores and regular meals with the family. So cooking and cleaning together is actually beneficial long after the meal is digested and forgotten.

This book contains 111 brief, one-page chapters grouped into seventeen categories. We hope the helpful hints you read in its pages will benefit not only you and your children, but many generations to come! Here’s a sneak peak at the table of contents:

  1. A Cozy Kitchen – The Heart of the Home, A Place to Gather, The Writing’s on the Wall, A Place for Everything, etc.
  2. Table Setting – Choosing Sides, Fine China, Paper Plates, Napkin Folding, and more
  3. Cooking Takes Teamwork – Kitchen Helpers, Safety First, Life Skills, Divide and Conquer
  4. Giving Thanks – Mealtime Blessings, Taking Turns, Grateful Hearts, Picky Eaters, etc.
  5. Dinnertime Discussions – Pocket the Cell Phones, Sharing Stories, Low Point/ High Point, Open-Ended Questions, etc.
  6. Clean-Up Crew – Chore Assignments, Working Together, Crank Up the Music, What to Do with the Leftovers, and more
  7. Holiday Happenings – Birthday Candles, Valentine’s Brunch, Feed Me, I’m Irish!, Fourth of July Picnic, etc.
  8. Making the Ordinary Extra-Ordinary – Theme Dinners, Bella Notte, South of the Border, Color Coded Meals, etc.
  9. Breakfast of Champions – Teddy Bear Toast, Egg Muffins, Fresh Fruit Smoothies, and other great ways to start your day
  10. Bread Baking for Beginners – Homemade vs. Store Bought, Garlic Bread, Cheddar Biscuits, Banana Nut Bread, and more
  11. Soup’s On – Marvelous Minestrone, Chicken and Noodles, Taco Soup, Garlicky Lentils, etc.
  12. Rabbit Food – Broccoli Cauliflower Salad, Tex-Mex Salad, Chicken Salad, Black Bean Salad, and more
  13. The Main Event – King Ranch Chicken; Cheese Enchiladas, Mama’s Meatloaf, Spicy Grilled Salmon, Crispy Tacos, etc.
  14. Crockpot Cooking – Fix It and Forget It, Baked Apples, Lasagna, Turkey Cheese Melts, etc.
  15. Sensational Sides – Sweet Potato Fries, Parmesan-Crusted Asparagus Spears, Spicy Beet Fries, etc.
  16. Delectable Desserts – Chocolate Delight, Blackberry Crumble, No- Bake Chocolate Cookies, and more
  17. Time-Saving Shortcuts – Perfect Pasta, Big Batch Cooking, Freezer Meals, How to Boil an Egg, etc.

Product Details

Title: Sit Down & Eat: Fun Ideas for Making Mealtimes Memorable
Author: Jennifer Flanders
Publisher: Prescott Publishing
Pages: 180
Publication Date: September 2017
ISBN: 978-1938945359
Format: eBook (PDF files)

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