Hipster Quiz: I Mustache You 10 Questions

How Hip Are You? Take our 10-Question Quiz celebrating (Fake) Mustache Day to Find Out!

If Family Feud were to ask 100 people to “Name a holiday traditionally celebrated in February,” I’m guessing the most popular survey responses would be… Valentine’s Day President’s Day… or possibly even Groundhog Day If a contestant buzzed in with “Fake Mustache Day,” it would most likely count as a … Continue reading

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Groundhog Pudding Cups

Fun Food: Groundhog Day Pudding Dirt Cups

Rise & Shine, Campers! It’s Groundhog Day… and this snack will help your kiddos celebrate the occasion in style.  For a tasty treat that’s fun to eat, just follow these simple instructions: Ingredients: 1 box instant chocolate pudding mix 2-3 cups of milk 1 pkg Nutter Butter cookies 1 pkg … Continue reading

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Color “With All Your Might”

Free printable coloring pages from flandersfamily.info -- meditate on Scripture while you relax!

This week, I’m sharing a printable coloring page that’s one of my favorite verses… although I often fall short on applying it to things like preparing meals or putting away laundry. While I usually do my work without grumbling or complaining, I don’t always tend to chores with as happy … Continue reading

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2017 Calendars for Advanced Planning

Free printable calendars for both 2016 and 2017. Hooray for advanced planning!

I know 2016 is barely underway, but I’m already needing a calendar for next year. My husband has to schedule most of his vacation days a year in advance, which means I began working on plans for next January’s road trip as soon as I finished unpacking from this one’s. … Continue reading

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Honor Your Spouse Today!

Marriage Matters

Did you know that January 26 is National Spouse Day? That one was new to me, but being the happily-wedded wife I am, I’m glad for any opportunity to celebrate the man I love and our married life together. I’d been working on some pennant banners for a wedding shower … Continue reading

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“Rejoice Always” Coloring Page

Free printable coloring pages with Scripture emphasis from www.flandersfamily.info

This week’s coloring page gets right to the point: Rejoice Always. Notice that God doesn’t tell us to “feel happy.” God commands us to “rejoice.” “Happiness” is a noun, a thing, an emotion, whereas “rejoice” is a verb, an action, a choice. What’s more, it’s the right choice. It’s the … Continue reading

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More Free Mini-Classes from Craftsy

Free video mini-classes from Craftsy

My children and I enjoyed learning some new crafts and skills via Craftsy video courses last year (both ones we’ve purchased as well as free mini-courses), and I’m planning on incorporating more of these in our homeschool schedule this year, as well. Craftsy offers an amazing variety of paid courses … Continue reading

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I Have a Dream!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Quote

In honor of MLK Day, I wanted to share this printable. It contains just a small portion from Martin Luther King, Jr’s moving “I Have a Dream” speech. I hope you will read it with your children and discuss with them the reason behind today’s national holiday. If they are … Continue reading

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“The Earth is the Lord’s” Coloring Page

Free printable coloring pages with Scripture emphasis from www.flandersfamily.info

Happy Sunday! This week’s coloring page is from one of my devotional journals, Moment by Moment: I love this verse! It’s a good reminder that God has more resources at His disposal than I can ever fathom. My Father owns “the cattle on a thousand hills” and more (Psalm 50:10) … Continue reading

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My Top 4 Tips for Saving Money at Legoland

How to Save Money at Legoland

Our family just returned home from vacationing in Florida. Since so many of our kids are so crazy about Legos, we squeezed in a visit to Legoland while we were there. With a little advanced planning, we were able to go without breaking the bank. Top 4 Money-Saving Tips for … Continue reading

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WOW: What God Has Joined Together

Free printable Bible memory flashcards from www.flandersfamily.info

I love weddings, don’t you? It is such a beautiful thing to witness a bride and groom pledge their life and love to one another before God and so many witnesses. It is especially moving when you know the couple takes the vows they are making seriously enough to remain … Continue reading

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“I Can Do All Things” Coloring Page

"I can do all things through Christ" Printable -- free from flandersfamily.info

I have another coloring page for you this week. It’s Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” That’s a great memory verse for all of us — especially those who might be struggling to make good on New Year’s resolutions long about now. Just … Continue reading

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Recipe: Orange-Cranberry Pancakes

Orange-Cranberry Pancakes

Do you have leftover cranberries from the holiday season that you don’t know what to do with? Try whipping up a batch of these pancakes for breakfast. They are delicious! The number the recipe makes will depend upon the size of your pancakes, but we double this recipe to feed … Continue reading

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State Bird Coloring Pages

Free State Bird Coloring Pages - for all 50 states

Today is National Bird Day. I hope you’ve had a happy one! In honor of the occasion, I’ve prepared a special set of printables to share with you — coloring pages of all 50 State Birds. Just click the image below to download the entire set. Enjoy!

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6 Smart Ways to Start the New Year Right

Happy New Year!

Can you believe it’s 2016 already? Happy New Year, everybody! I grew up in a family that always ate black-eyed peas “for good luck” on New Year’s Day, but as an adult, I’ve found more helpful ways to jumpstart a great year. Here are my top six — with some … Continue reading

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Top Ten Posts of 2015 {and What That Means}

Top 10 Posts of 2015

It always helps me in my blogging, when wrapping up the old year and setting goals for the new, to take stock of which of my posts have enjoyed the most popularity over the last twelve months. Knowing what has been most helpful to readers in the past helps me … Continue reading

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