Keeping Track of Medications {Free Printable}

Free printable medication administration chart for patients and their caregivers -- never miss another dose!

I’m using my Mondays to clear out my mailbag. Here’s this week’s request: Hi, Jennifer. I have used several of your charts because I am a completely unorganized man. The charts have helped immensely. Thank you sooo much. How about a medication chart reminding oneself to take their meds on … Continue reading

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Can You Name 5 Off the Top of Your Head?

Screen Shot 2014-11-16 at 7.24.04 AM copy

Although a grateful heart is something we should cultivate continually, it is especially fitting — in the days leading up to Thanksgiving — to be mindful of the many ways God has blessed us. Here’s a little chart to help you do that: I limited it to five, in memory … Continue reading

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Mailbag Monday: Report Cards for Middle Schoolers

Free printable report cards for middle schoolers

My inbox is overflowing with questions from readers, so I’ve decided to tackle one per week until I get it cleaned out. Here’s the first: Dear Jennifer, I just viewed your printable report card and I really like it; however, I have a middle school student and the reading and … Continue reading

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Birthday List {Free Printable}

Birthday Calendar

I love the fact that I can plug birthdays I want to remember into the calendar on my computer, and it will automatically remind me about the before the big day. (Birthday Alarm is a free app that does the same thing). Such reminders help make sure I get cards … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Christian Living Bundle

It's finally here!! The Ultimate Christian Living Bundle!

Doug and I are both so excited to be participating in the 2014 Ultimate Christian Living Bundle. It contains an amazing collection of resources on a variety of topics from some of the best writers in their respective fields. Check them out below: Who among us doesn’t want to lead … Continue reading

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Children are a Blessing

You don't have to have very many children before other people start quizzing you on your family size -- three or four is usually enough to pique their curiosity. |

Last week, my daughter in dental school tagged me on Facebook with a link to the article When Did We Start Hating Big Families? “Was this your experience at all?” she wanted to know, referring to the negative comments the author of the article got regarding her three (3) children. … Continue reading

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A Family Favorite: Raisin Bran Muffins

Kick start your morning with raisin bran muffins |

Our family has been using this recipe for Raisin Bran Muffins for decades now. It is an adaptation of one my own mother cut off of a cereal box when I was a young girl. To this day, it remains a family favorite. Although several of my kids won’t eat … Continue reading

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Shopping for Shoeboxes

Shopping for shoeboxes -- where to get great stuff for your Operation Christmas Child box

I totally missed the back-to-school sales this year. That’s a bummer, because those sales are where I normally stock up for the shoebox-stuffing party our family hosts each year. Fortunately, Michaels came to my rescue with a coupon for 25% off your entire purchase — including sale items. I headed … Continue reading

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How to Write a Thank You Note

How to write a proper thank you note| an easy-to-follow guide for children and adults from

When it comes to appropriately expressing appreciation for a gift, it’s hard to beat a handwritten thank you note. Some folks will tell you that a phone call or an email or even a simple spoken “thanks” at the time of receipt shows sufficient gratitude — don’t believe them. Although … Continue reading

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Happy Constitution Day!

[view source]

On September 17, 1787, our nation’s founding fathers met to sign the document they had drafted in the preceding weeks of the Constitutional Convention. Referencing the system of government outlined and established in this Constitution, Benjamin Franklin wrote that he was amazed “to find [it] approaching so near to perfection … Continue reading

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