21 Tried and True Tips for Frugal Living

21 tips for frugal living

Looking for smart ways to stretch a dollar? In our current economy, there seems to be a renewed interest in trimming expenses any way possible. As somebody who has always viewed frugality as a virtue, I think this trend is great and hope to see it continue even after the economy rebounds.

My grandfather used to say, “Look after your nickels and dimes, and your dollars will take care of themselves.” The man knew what he was talking about.

Being frugal means being wise and resourceful. It means being a good steward. It means taking pleasure in small things and being thankful.

Frugality puts you in a position to help others in need. It frees you to be generous in areas that really matter.

By contrast, wastefulness is a poor testimony. Being careless with your money (or time or possessions) limits your ability to provide for the needs of your own family or to bless others who are less fortunate.

With those things in mind, I recently updated our “Budgeting Tips” page. You’ll find the expanded list here: 21 Tried & True Ways to Trim Your Budget

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