Ice Breaker BINGO (Free Printable)

Our entire family loves Christmas and parties and games — and Christmas party games.

We’ve amassed quite a collection of such games over the years. Some are originals. Some are modified versions of old standards.

I’ll be uploading a dozen of our favorites over the next couple of weeks, along with free printable supplies for you to use in your own merry making, so be sure to come back for more fun.

Today’s game is “Life Experiences BINGO.” This makes a great ice breaker to play as guests are arriving. Guests are asked to check off all statements that apply to them. Whoever calls gets a BINGO reads their five in a row to the whole group and usually elaborates with a little storytelling.

I originally used this game for an adult Sunday School class party, but later modified it to use at a teen birthday party. I’ve uploaded both versions, so click here to print the adult game and click here to print the kid version. Have fun!


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